Village Life

Ortahisar is a charming village in central Cappadocia, relatively untouched by tourism—horse drawn carriages still clatter down its cobblestone streets, and the residents greet each by name. At the heart of Ortahisar is the impressive ‘hisar’ or fortress from which the town gets its name. This massive rock formation is dotted with holes that served as carved chambers. Today, the town retains its authentic feel, with a central square surrounded by mosques, coffee houses, ateliers, antique shops and traditional barbershops.

One highlight of the town is the private museum of local history, which aims to shed light on the domestic story of the area. The House Hotel Cappadocia aims to add value to the region and offer guests a local, immersive experience, encouraging them to engage with and become part of the community. Ortahisar is also very near the Balkan Valley with its fairy chimneys, and conveniently located near to Göreme and Ürgüp, and the surrounding sights.