In a fast moving world most of us are after the same things, peace and tranquility. We search for sanctuaries to embrace us and make us feel safe and comfortable. For these reasons The House Hotel strives in boutique properties. We know that in small size properties we can fulfill the commitment we set out to achieve, unconditional and continuous effort to satisfy our guests.

In luxury properties everything seems to be hidden in details and details make all the difference. As a team of professionals with a genuine attitude we try to make that difference by committing ourselves to create the right environment for peaceful, comfortable and honest hospitality, which we strive to adorn with the necessary luxury elements. After all, it is the combination of such factors which create the right circumstances for the happiness and satisfaction of our guests.

As a hotel company we will continue to grow, always bearing in mind the one basic rule of hospitality, Guest Satisfaction.

Zafer Canbaz
CEO,The House Hotel 


"The House Hotels are committed to provide service beyond customers" expectations of luxury and at the same time give the "home away from home" feeling in prime locations."

Our values

  • We are committed to provide genuine service and unique experience of affordable luxury
  • Self-critical, committed to personnel excellence and self-improvement
  • We are open-minded and flexible
  • We act with integrity and respect towards the people involved with us and the community around
  • We are committed to create a positive environment for both guest and employees