Locally Istanbul

The House Hotel offers you tailor-made tours that take you off the beaten track with Locally Istanbul! We create your own itinerary based on your interests, timing, personality and even your mood!

Meet Your Best Friends in Town!

A true gastrophile who has a highly sensitive sweet tooth, Erk is the ideal dessert junkie to wander this city of thousand desserts. He is also an antiques enthusiast with a good eye for all things old and beautiful. Having spent a year in "The Big Apple", Erk decidedly grabbed New York's exuberant shopping scene by the throat and is now happy to utilize his know-how to give you the greatest shopping experience in Istanbul.

Surely the one to call to discover Istanbul's hidden delicacies since he is an expert on traditional Turkish cuisine and has a natural GPS that perfectly locates all the local spots. With an eye for creativity that meticulously scans the immediate and distant surroundings for all signs of artistic manifestation, Ümit will accompany you on your grand tour of Istanbul's blooming art and design scene.

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